Leasing at Taza Exchange

Unique Benefits

With over 1,200 acres and three distinct Villages, the master planned development of Taza holds endless possibility. Interested in learning more about leasing, vendor and tenant opportunities? Provide your information below and we will be in touch with leasing opportunities.


An independent Tsuut’ina Nation Administration provides a thorough, yet streamlined and timely development approval process that adheres to widely accepted building and environmental standards.


The Tsuut’ina Nation’s public services includes local Police and Fire Departments, which are also supported by their counterparts in Calgary, providing a safe and secure community.

Speed To Market

Because of its location at Tsuut’ina, Taza has a simple, accelerated, and hassle free permitting process when compared to other municipalities.

SW Ring Road Access

With the final section of the ring road finally open to public, the southwest portion of Calgary’s Ring Road is expected to bring up to 100,000 cars per day through the Tsuut’ina Nation, with direct access to Taza’s three development Villages.

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Taza are more consistent and are therefore more predictable than bordering municipalities.

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